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Shopify partnership with Microsoft, Bing, and Start

October 29, 2021
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Shopify partnership with Microsoft, Bing, and Start

Shopify partnership with Microsoft

For Shopify merchants and advertisers, there’s a new integration to know about. Here’s the latest information about the ongoing integration of Shopify and Bing, including what’s new and how you can get started.

For many years, Microsoft has been at the forefront of search technology. In fact, they were one of the first to implement a successful search algorithm back in 1998 as well as build out all kinds of features from mapping integration to shopping suggestions, although they haven’t been able to keep up with Google and their very sophisticated and aggressive algorithm.

However, it looks like they may be making a change in this regard as there is new information on the Shopify blog about an ongoing integration of Bing Ads into the Shopify platform. If you’re looking for more info on this topic, look no further.

Key facts

  1. Currently available in the U.S. and Canada, the Microsoft Channel app within Shopify allows businesses to show up automatically in the Microsoft Bing tab and the Shopping tab on Microsoft for Bing free as product listings.
  2. Products are then automatically eligible to display in the Microsoft Bing Shopping tab and the Start Shopping tab free as Product Listings.

Using Microsoft Edge or Bing, customers will be able to find and shop more than 1.7 million online retailers, all from the comfort and convenience of their own homes using Microsoft’s partnership with Shopify.

In order to take advantage of the new integration, Microsoft states that this integration is just the beginning: “Using the Shopping tab on Bing search engine, and using edge and Microsoft own search, you’ll be able to discover more deals, better prices, and more diverse products” and build new and meaningful connections with potential new customers.

With this partnership, sellers will have access to Microsoft’s channel, allowing them to add products to the app and simplifying the process for retailers. Marketing reports generated in real time provide valuable insights that enable these businesses to generate more revenue from campaigns or other marketing efforts.

The improved Microsoft’s Channel App makes connecting vendors easier than ever before, so shoppers can find what they’re searching for without having to navigate multiple websites. Additionally, Microsoft’s new personalized news service, Microsoft Start, will soon include Shopify integration.

Microsoft says that adding Shopify to its suite of shopping features is “just the start of some great new shopping enhancements we will be introducing in the coming months.” Microsoft usually releases shopping features ahead of Black Friday and holidays to help customers save money.

Google’s partnership with Shopify

Google and Shopify announced a partnership earlier this year that gives the e-commerce platform’s more than 1.7 million merchants access to Google Search and other services

In comparison to Google, Microsoft Edge and Bing are not as popular, but this partnership should still benefit Shopify merchants by bringing more eyeballs to their websites. As part of a new Microsoft Channel app, sellers can connect with shoppers and receive free advertising on channels such as shopping tab on microsoft Bing.

With MSN brands like Windows Live Stores partnering up with Internet Explorer, it makes sense that its popularity has increased for online stores using it.

Things to be aware of

The growth of Amazon’s advertising business may impact Microsoft’s advertising revenue over time.

Shopify vendors may have had success of their own Google shopping service is already a powerful asset and during its Google I/O developer conference this spring, Google pitched a revamped version of its own Google Shopping to online marketers to address this challenge. The company described its “Shopping Graph,” which would pull information from websites, reviews and product data to help consumers find where items are available and which store has the best price.

Also last year, Google made it free for merchants to sell their products through Google Shopping – a move that Google claimed had led to an 80% increase in merchants on Google, with the “vast majority” being small and medium-sized businesses.

As the overall market for advertising has recovered, Microsoft’s search advertising revenue has grown in recent quarters. However, Amazon has been rapidly gaining market share. In the first half of 2021, Amazon reported $14.82 billion in ad sales, up 82% from the same period a year ago, The WSJ noted in a report on Google’s e-commerce makeover.

If more and more consumers start their product search directly on Amazon instead of the web, skipping over search engines and homepage portals, both Google and Microsoft could see their revenue fall. To make their respective offerings more competitive, a partnership with Shopify gives both tech giants more direct access to a host of online inventory to showcase and market, including many listings Amazon may not have.

Shopify’s integration with Microsoft will also allow merchants to create new ad campaigns and view marketing performance via real-time reports in their store, Microsoft said when announcing the tie-up. The company also noted it had other “shopping enhancements” planned for the future, but didn’t detail what those new features may include.

Shopify partnership with Microsoft

Shopify partnership with Microsoft: What the integration means for vendors

Here’s how Shopify merchants can expand their reach and with the addition of Shopify 2.0 coming in the near future, it’s an exciting time for Shopify vendors.

  • A new version of the the channel app on the Microsoft edge browser makes it easy for Shopify to connect with shoppers across Microsoft’s network.
  • In addition to appearing on the Shopping tab on Bing, Microsoft’s own search engine and the Microsoft Start Shopping tab for free, Shopify merchants’ products will appear on those tabs automatically as well.
  • Creating new ad campaigns and viewing store performance

Shopify merchants will benefit from this partnership because it will allow them to expand their brand and products’ reach with little effort. Merchants can easily connect with shoppers across the Microsoft network, thanks to an improved Microsoft Channel app.

Products from Shopify merchants will also show up on Microsoft Bing quickly free as product listings. With real-time reports available in the Shopify store, merchants can create new ads and track marketing performance.

Users of Shopify can soon gain easy access to Bing Product Ads, Product listings on Microsoft bing, and Product listings on Microsoft’s Start tab, as well as a new quick checkout button within product listings and ads: the “Buy Now” feature. According to the announcement, customers can easily purchase the products they’re interested in by going directly to the shopping cart page when they click on the “Buy now” option.

Shopify provides an easy to use integration for ecommerce vendors. “Merchandisers can easily join the Microsoft Channel by connecting their Microsoft Advertising accounts or by signing up for a new Microsoft account in just a few steps.” Under Sales Channels, click Microsoft, and sign in.

With this integration and updated Microsoft Channel app, small businesses, retailers, and online merchants can gain more visibility. Over the past two years, many businesses have opened up online stores due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Many first-time e-commerce sellers used Shopify as their platform of choice. As a result of the integration with Shopify, these retailers (and even those more experienced with selling online) will have the opportunity to reach online shoppers just in time for the holiday season.

Shopify’s growth

The Microsoft integration is one of many that Shopify has announced over the past year. It just teamed up with Spotify to let artists sell merchandise through their Spotify profiles and has been working with TikTok on e-commerce experiences.

IMultimedia ads were introduced in July as a new ad format on Bing.com search pages, appearing either at the top or at the bottom of the SERPs..

The company has also made improvements, including the launch of Shopify Markets, a centralized hub to manage cross-border sales, as well as adding Facebook Pay as a checkout option (in the U.S).

In addition to providing greater control over SEO, Shopify merchants now have access to editable robots.txt files, thanks to a recent update.


  • What is Shopify? Many small business owners turn to Shopify in order to create a professional-looking ecommerce website, design a brand, and sell products online. The company provides an easy-to-use platform for virtual storefronts.
  • How do customers purchase items on Shopify? Customers can enter the product URL directly into the search bar in order to make a direct purchase. They can also search for products by browsing through collections, or see what’s trending on Shopify.
  • What are the benefits of using Bing Ads? Microsoft Bing users benefit from an increased number of online shoppers who use the platform to research product information and compare prices. With Bing Ads, businesses have greater visibility and better campaign performance.
  • How can merchants edit their robots.txt file? In order to open a Shopify store, users have to create a free account with the company’s website hosting service. When this is complete, users can connect or link their domain name and opening a store on their Shopify dashboard.